Increase your loyalty!

  • Save points
  • Deal vouchers
  • Create data
  • Business cards / loyalty cards
  • Tracking statistics
  • Manage customer data
  • Reinforce your market position
  • Online "cloud" system, accessible anywhere
  • Send personalized newsletters and advertising campaigns

Ho can we achieve this?

  • We provide you with loyalty cards and vouchers
  • The online loyalty system allows you to save points quickly and easily at each order.
  • Management of all you customer data

Work quickly and easily:

  • Scan the loyalty card
  • Enter the purchased amount
  • Click OK

Earn points for every purchase: € 1,00 = 100 points. Export data. Add personal data.

A simple and affordable system.

Exchange accumulated points with vouchers and give your customers ADDITIONAL BENEFITS!

Show through you website how many points the customer has saved and generated your e-mailings.


Turn cards for care and services. Like Fitness Pedicure, Wellness, Dance / Zumba ...

Point each card at the start of classes, seances, training, courses, treatments ... and keep the presence of your customers.

One card does it all: identification and database collection.

Moreover, the latest encryption technologies help you to switch from traditional membership card to a card with all kinds of advanced features.


Give your customer a prepaid card of € 50 with a value of € 55. Drinks, sandwiches and coffee are funded and regular customers are benefited. Ideal for Bars, Shops and Catering.

The prepaid card

We developed an internal payment system for clubs or associations. This program allows you to assign a value to a card like a prepaid card which is useful for paying their drinks. So you can give your members an advantage above visitors.